betchy sketch

Frequently Asked Questions

I want a drawing of my friend with a sassy saying, can you do it?

Of course we can.  This is one of our most common requests (custom drawings of a friend or pet and a unique saying).  Send us a picture of said person/pet and we will make something awesome for you.

How long will this take?

That depends on what you want, if it is framed and how custom the request is.  Most orders ship within a week of the order being placed.  If you want something with custom framing, etc... this could take longer.  Once you give us the details on what you are looking for, we will give you a quote on the project.

What medium is the work?

Most of our work is done in sumi (calligraphy) ink and high quality markers (more often than not, black ink).  In some cases we use watercolor and/or actual makeup & nail polish (rest assured, it is only top notch stuff - no drugstore makeup for these ladies). 

Do you offer framing?

Yes! We are happy to frame your piece before sending it, or we can send it sans framing.  You decide.

How are you ladies so quiche?

Thanks for asking, we must tell you these looks ain't cheap.  Chalk it up to clean living, spray tans and green juice.